Family shares more than their love of home cooking

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HOUSTON, TX – What do you get when you combine Asian techniques and Spanish flavor? Ask anyone from Peru and they’ll tell you, home cooking. Welcome to Latin Bites.

For brother’s-in-law Roberto Castre and Carlos Ramos, the promise of owning their own restaurant is something they’ve carried with them since they were children in Peru.

“We always worked at restaurants in Peru,’ Carlos says, ‘That’s where we met with Rita and Roberto, at the time, working in restaurants. We always had the dream of one day having our own restaurant so, that was 15-years ago. Now, four-years ago we decided to start going for our dream and we started cooking from home.”

They started with a small catering company, then opened a restaurant downtown. But Chew on This: when Carlos became sick and needed a new kidney, they didn’t let that slow them down. Brother-in-law Roberto stepped up to the plate and offered one of his. Four years and one kidney transplant later, Latin bites is up and cooking at their newest location on Woodway.

Boasting the states only Pisco bar…

“It’s a brandy, kind of like a brandy,’ Carlos explains, ‘It’s the spirit of Peru.”

The little place in Tanglewood has become the apple of the family’s eye.

“It’s a lot of fun actually. We get in fights here and there, but it’s all part of growing, I think. And it’s all very positive because we enjoy working together.”

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