Former Pope moves back into the Vatican

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THE VATICAN – What happens when the two spiritual leaders of more than a billion people end up under the same roof?

The Holy See just got a bit more crowded. And that’s because the old, old Pope, Benedict XVI, moved back to The Vatican, home of the new Pope Francis.

This is kind of a big deal, historically, since the 86-year-old Benedict is the first pontiff in around 700 years to voluntarily retire as head of the Roman Catholic Church, and his return from two months at Castel Gandolfo will mean The Vatican has now become an exclusive retirement home.

The two Popes will be wearing white when they are out and about, which could cause some confusion.

But it’s easy to tell them apart. Benedict will be the one wearing the traditional white cassock, while Francis will be the one in the traditional a white cassock, with a short cape hanging tastefully from the shoulders.

Other than that, The Vatican says everything will be business as usual, despite being unusual.

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