Girl gets trachea made from her own stem cells

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PEORIA, IL – Hannah Warren was born without a trachea. Her parents were told she would not survive; that was two and a half years ago.

Hannah’s spent her entire life in the hospital. She has to breathe through a tube and has never tasted, smelled or eaten anything. Darryl Warren says his daughter “really only had one chance.” That chance was a trachea transplant.

This procedure is considered the future of organ transplantation because no donor is needed. Doctors grow the patient`s own bone marrow around a fibrous mesh implant.

“We’re basically taking her own tissue and encouraging her body to fix itself,” says Dr. Mark Holterman, one of Hannah’s doctors.

In a nine hour surgery at Children`s Hospital of Illinois, a team of doctors gave Hannah Warren a new windpipe. With time and therapy she’ll be able to eat, drink, taste, smell and talk.

Her dad says, “It’s been a long journey for her… we’re just so blessed that she was able to get this unbelievable opportunity.”

Hannah already got to do something most kids have done all their lives, taste a lollipop. Turns out, she he likes them. It looks like Hannah Warren’s future will be very sweet.

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