Lupus Awareness Month

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It was a running joke on the medical drama “House.”

But for nearly 1.5 million Americans, their diagnosis was lupus.

It`s a disease you`ve likely heard of, but might not know much about –but that`s what this month is for!

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect your skin, joints, and organs.

Basically, your immune system can`t tell the difference between the good and bad cells so your body attacks it`s healthy tissue.

It`s a harsh disease and even more unfortunate, one that is hard to diagnose.

Zuriel Gibson has been living with lupus since 1997 -and she`s opening the Gibson Lupus Resource Center to provide patients with the help and support she wasn`t lucky enough to have herself.

Gibson will host three-events this month and she hopes to spread the word about the disease so many people know so little about.

The main thing Gibson wants everyone to remember.

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