Oil tank explosion forces evacuations near Baton Rouge

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DENHAM SPRINGS, LA – A fire in the sky. No, we`re not talking alien abductions!

This is far more believable, but probably just as frightening.

An oil tank ruptured and exploded near Baton Rouge, scaring the bejeezus out of nearby residents.

“We heard a big explosion and come up over there and they said one of the oil tanks had exploded and it almost knocked my wife down. Yeah man, it was kinda crazy. She didn’t know what was going on, she thought somebody had just pushed her down you know,” said Corey Downing.

“I was sitting reading and a big boom went off and I knew it wasn’t thunder and lightning, so I come outside and looked and the tank farm down the road blew up,” said Bill Tierney.

State emergency officials say 30 homes were evacuated, but no one was hurt.

Officials are just going to let the fire burn itself out.

Once it’s out, crews will be able to go in and investigate what caused the explosion.

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