Police describe Bush Airport shooter as ‘desperate, confused’

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shooterHOUSTON, TX – Disturbing new details have emerged about the man who committed suicide at Bush Intercontinental Airport Thursday.

Police have identified him as Carnell Marcus Moore, 29, of Beaumont.

They say he calmly walked into Terminal B, fired a .40 glock into the air, then shot himself in the temple.

A Homeland Security agent fired at the same time, hitting him in the shoulder.

But police say Moore`s strange odyssey actually began Tuesday morning in Beaumont, when he kidnapped a woman he was ‘infatuated with’ and demanded she take him to Houston.

Somehow she was able to talk him out of that, and he went on without her.

He checked into a hotel later that afternoon, and began posting some cryptic comments on his Facebook.

Moore’s brother told police he called Carnell and asked him if he had any weapons on him.

Carnell said no.

“The brother told me that about a month ago, that Carnell had expressed a desire to confront a police officer…didn’t use the words,’suicide by police’, but certainly that’s the implication,” said Fil Waters of HPD Homicide Division.

Thursday morning, Carnell packed a suitcase and headed to the airport.

Inside, police found a loaded, AR-15, bullets, a Gideon Bible, and a suicide note, written on hotel stationary.

It read, in part:

“The monster within me was getting stronger, and while I could not save myself, I could spare others.”

Carnell had no documented case of mental illness, but his brother said he was suffering from some issues.

Family members describe him as very smart, quiet and secretive, with few friends.

He had no criminal history.

While investigators try to piece together more evidence, one thing is clear: “What it was, was a desperate act committed by a confused young man who has apparently lost all hope.”

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