Woman watches robbery live on her iPad

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WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Most use their iPad to check email, surf the web or to see videos or pictures. But a family in West Palm Beach is using theirs to solve a crime after they saw their home being burglarized.

Lynn Foley’s mom, 87-year-old Honey Cannon has Alzheimer’s. The family installed cameras in the house to could check in on her from time-to-time. But one day Lynn says she got a weird a feeling and decided to get her iPad to check on her mom. That’s when she saw two men in the house, posing as roof repairmen. The duo worked together. As one talked to Honey, the other went to the room and stole jewelry.

Lynn raced home in a panic, but by the time she got there, the men were gone. Luckily, her mom was OK.

Police are now looking at the video to see if they can catch the two men.

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