Community vows to fight North Forest ISD closure

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HOUSTON, TX – The Texas Education Agency has ordered North Forest I.S.D. to shut down as of July 1st because of poor completion rates at North Forest High School and student performance thought-out the district.

District administrators, community leaders and parents are asking for an opportunity to show that the district has improved and are meeting TEA standards.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston spoke at a press conference asking for support: “As we stand here today, we don’t want our children to have failing education or a failing system, that would be selfish of us, but that’s why we’re saying, we don`t have that in this school district and we can’t for the life of us understand why we’re being closed.”

The TEA says the district has been given an extra year to make improvements, but the district has fallen short of meeting their conditions.

District officials say they will do as they are ordered, but community advocates say they plan to continue the fight in the courts.

Leaders are calling for a gathering Saturday at 1pm to support the effort to keep North Forest independent of H.I.S.D.