Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Chief arrested for sexual assault

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airARLINGTON, VA – The Pentagon had some bad news and some more bad news.

The bad news is that Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski is no longer the Smiling Jeff of the Air Force’s Sexual Assault Prevention Program.

That’s because Arlington, Virginia, police charged him with sexually assaulting a civilian woman over the weekend. They say he was drunk when he came up to her in a parking lot and grabbed her breasts and buttocks.

The Air Force has removed him from duty.

The arrest is a huge embarrassment for a military wracked by sex assault scandals, and particularly since Krusinski was the Air Force’s guy to stop them. His arrest came just before a Pentagon said that sexual assault reports increased in 2012, possibly because more victims were talking.

For its part, the Air Force has had more than 30 training instructors and drill sergeants disciplined in the Lackland Air Force Base scandal, involving nearly 60 potential victims at the San Antonio training facility.

After the weekend arrest of Lt. Col. Krusinski, the Pentagon may be hoping the Air ‘Force’ does not look like the Air ‘Farce.’