Alternate version of movies being cut for Chinese audiences

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BEJING, CHINA – Ever see something so bad you just can’t take your eyes off it? Well movie goers can’t look away as Iron Man 3 blasts through China setting opening day box office records with $21 million.

The villain? Four minutes of additional footage released in the ‘for Chinese eyes only’ version of the film.

Not only are the scenes apparently not shot by director Shane Black, they add no real value except for product placement of Chinese milk and the introduction of two new characters played by top Chinese actors.

Best part is more Chinese viewers prefer the edited version over the full length one.

Making alternate versions of movies is becoming an ongoing trend to appease the Chinese box office.

‘Looper’ and ‘Wolverine’ had two versions. In ‘Red Dawn’ the invading army was originally Chinese, but was changed to be Korean.  ‘Men in Black 3’ had a fight scene in China town completely cut out of the Chinese version. And in Brad Pitts ‘World War Z’ the zombie epidemic originates in China. That plot point had to be changed now that American movies gain new life in China.

Do any other Americans hope this catering to Chinese cinema will help relieve our county’s debt?