Authorities crack down on OTC bringing out Houston’s T&A

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otcHOUSTON, TX – The gun-loving NRA has moved out, and the OTC is moving in. It’s time for the Offshore Technology Conference to converge of Downtown Houston, once again.

Over 80,000 people, from over 110 countries will be descending on Reliant Park to gain technical knowledge about the energy industry and make valuable connections. Since the majority of OTC attendees are men, it seems the energy industry isn’t the only enterprise hoping to make a few valuable connections this week.

When the OTC shows up, Harris County Sheriff’s say Houston’s working girls are officially on-the-clock. Apparently sex-trafficking spikes when large events, like this weeks’ conference, come to town.

So, Harris County Sheriff’s partnered up with Free the Captives, an organization that helps fight human trafficking in Houston, warning potential Johns about the realities of sex-trafficking. Taking a stand against the demand, volunteers from Free the Captives are covering all their bases, handing the flyers out at Discovery Green and Minute Maid Park before the Astros game. The flyers warn about the dangers of prostitution and let any guys wanting to buy a piece know that Houston’s looking to crack down on ‘Pretty Woman’ type transactions.

Hopefully, their warnings prevent any dirty-deals from going down, but this conference brings in some of the world’s wealthiest people and everyone’s got a price.