Bike-riding circus bear tries to eat bike-riding monkey

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bear2SHANGHAI, CHINA – We all know anger on the roadways is a real problem, but rarely does road rage end in road kill.

Well, until now!

A video released on the website “LIVELEAK.COM” of a circus in China, shows what happens when a bike riding monkey and a bike riding bear crash.

A word of warning, it doesn’t end well for the primate.

Asian animal rights groups say the stunt happened at the Shanghai Wild Animal Park. The race starts off pleasant enough, with two monkey bicyclists joining a biking bear around the center ring in front of a cheering crowd. Just a bunch of animals cruelly forced to do something nature never intended them to do.

Well, until the round track became center stage for the circle of life.

The grisly accident happened at the end of lap 2, when the poor monkey didn’t bear left quick enough and rode right into a dead end.

The bear collides with the slipped simian and apparently becomes instantly hungry, because the much bigger beast begins to maul the monkey! Then an agonizing tug-of-war ensues between the animal handlers and the bear, with the poor primate caught in the middle. It’s pretty safe to say “so long…” monkey!

The moral to all this, let monkeys be monkeys and bears be bear; because the only real animals in this cruel video are the people profiting off these wild creatures.