LEGO in ‘Sticky’ Situation after Selling ‘Sexist’ Sticker

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LEGO stickers aren’t sticking around after being called offensive.

Josh Stearns, a father of two, recently posted some LEGO stickers on his Tumblr account. He’d just introduced his 4-yr-old son to the building blocks, and found one sticker offensive.

It was part of the construction LEGO set and the sticker shows a construction worker shouting “Hey Babe!” while waving to most likely his eye candy.

“I was so disappointed to see the brand affiliated with a product that normalized street harassment and cat calling. Needless to say, I didn’t buy the stickers,” he explained on the site.

This sparked quite the discussion online. Those who agreed with Stearns took their case to Amazon. While some comments urged parents to simply remove the offending sticker from the collection, others wanted the item pulled from the website altogether.

“This product promotes sexual harassment and archaic, harmful gender roles and stereotypes. It is inappropriate for children, and, frankly, adults as well,” one user wrote.

Finding itself in a “sticky” situation, LEGO Senior Director Charlotte Simonsen apologized to Stearns for the offensive sticker. And now when you look on Amazon, you can’t even buy the sticker.

For those of you who think Stearns is making far too much of a stink over the sticker here’s a little food for thought. According to the CDC  “non-contact unwanted sexual experiences,” including street harassment, are the most prevalent form of sexual violence for both men and women in the United States. Internationally, studies show that between 70-99% of women experience street harassment at some point during their lives.

That being said, I admire this dad and the “Lego-cy” he is trying to leave behind for his sons. Hopefully his message will “stick”.

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