Teen pays for sex with savings, gets maced and robbed

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MILWAUKEE, WI – Kids save their allowance to buy themselves a nice little treat. But a 14-year-old in Milwaukee, Wisconsin used his savings for sex.

Dareka Brooks, 22, allegedly met the 14-year-old online. The boy supposedly told Brooks he’d pay her to come over when his parents were gone so she could show him a good time.

Police say when Brooks got to the house, she told the boy to go into the bedroom and take off his pants. While he was sitting there waiting, Brooks reportedly maced the kid and made off with his piggy bank and iPad. Officers were able to find Brooks using a GPS locator on the iPad.

Sure it was a dumb move on the kid’s part, but hey, he’s just a kid. That’s why we’re calling out Dareka Brooks as our Dumbass of the Day!