View Felix Baumgartner’s gear at Space Center Houston

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felixHOUSTON, TX – What’s the difference between a daredevil free falling from outer space and an idiot? The daredevil will use a parachute. That’s right; Felix Baumgarten made the supersonic dive in one piece. We all saw it on TV — and now you can see his gear live at the Space Center Houston.

Many folks out there have gotten their 15 minutes of fame breaking all sorts of Guinness World Records, but Baumgartner made history and helped science move forward. How’s that for a pickup line?

The exhibition will be on display at the Space Center Houston for the summer. There you can see the capsule, the space suit and an explanation of the scientific data he produced.

But life’s not fair! Some people get dizzy just getting on a roller-coaster and this guy had no problem free falling from space. Of course, with that parachute, anyone can do it!