Women love beards and it turns out men do too

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beardSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – A new study says from the researchers at the University of New South Wales conducted a study of 351 heterosexual women and 177 heterosexual men.

It turns out the ladies (at least in Australia) prefer a 10 day growth. Men like a full beard.

So we turned to an expert, Patricia Ramirez, a barber at Shave barbershop near downtown Houston, “Men like to wear them for 2 reasons. It’s easy, it keeps them warmer in the winter, and it`s just easier to clean up as opposed to shaving their whole face beard off every day.”

The study says that facial hair gives a perception of health and expected parenting ability. Masculinity is a factor as well, the fuller the better. A bold beard imparts a sense of virility.

So there you have it, they may like beards better in Australia, but here in Houston the answer isn’t so clear cut.