Aeros fans gather for one last hurrah

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HOUSTON, TX – Fans of the Houston Aeros got together at the Maple Leaf Pub for a last hurrah now that professional hockey will no longer have a presence in Houston.

Maple Leaf Owner Sean Blair says, “Everyone is a little bit negative over the loss of hockey. It’s the fourth largest city in America and we can’t even have an AHL team so everyone is a little bummed out about it and so are we.”

One fan said, “It’s kind of like when the Oilers were stolen out from Houston just because one person wanted more money and something a little different” while another adds, “Nothing can fill this void that’s been taken from us. Nothing!”

So what better way to chase away those hockey blues than to order a cold one and stuff your face with some food, but some are a little more optimistic about the future.

Joe O’ Donnell, the voice of the Aeros, says, “This is a great hockey market. Great fans , great people here so I’m confident that hockey will be back in Houston. There’s no doubt in my mind. I don’t know what tells me that , just kind of my gut instinct.”

If his gut is wrong then the only game left in town is this one,  the hockey table game you can play at the bar and thaat’s kinds of depressing.

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