Get a tweet when your kid pees

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tweetpeeHOUSTON, TX – Be careful not to pee your pants when you hear this; most consumer products are looking for new ways to reinvent themselves in the tech age. So why not diapers?

Huggies brand turns 45 this year and their Brazil branch thinks they found a way to soak up the competition by addressing the whole baby urinating dilemma facing the world today.

Not to put a damper on things, but this advertisement can only be seen in Portuguese.

Huggies is are proposing a plastic device that attaches to the front of your bundle of love’s diaper.

How cute, it looks like a Twitter bird.

Well, the cute little bird that surely a baby would never rip off sends tweets to a designated iPhone app called Tweet Pee letting the caregiver know the young one has peed.

We know what you’re thinking; this is a load of crap. Well no actually it isn’t. The idea is more like um — what’s the phrase –oh yeah…wet behind the ears.

Wonder when we can see an adult version; guess that just depends.

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