Woman decorates front yard with stolen grave statues

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graveST. CLOUD, FL – There’s always that one piece of home decor home owners would just die to get their hands on.

Not only did 57-year-old Debra Farinella find the perfect piece; but she got it 100% free. Thanks to the good ole five fingered discount.

That’s right, on a dark and creepy night in St. Cloud Cemetery on Florida, a statue left for a loved one lies in wait to be cherished in the afterlife disappeared.

The grave situation here is the 146 items end up on Farinella’s front lawn as decoration. She`s not particular either. She`ll steal from both baby and adult grave sites.

Geez, how sick can a person be.

She said she found the cemetery mementos at a yard sale. Really?!

Farinella is charged with grand theft and is accepted to be haunted for the rest of her life.

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