Man accused of having sex, killing pet peacock

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ROSELLE, IL – A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, but just don’t rape it! An Illinois man is in trouble with the law, accused of having sex with his pet peacock!

Roselle police say 64-year-old David Beckman is behind this “fowl” act, after they found the stuffed bird dead in his garage.  Investigators finding signs that the pretty peacock (named Phyl) was sexually assaulted.

This isn’t the first time Beckman ruffled the feathers of law enforcement. Prior to his peacock perversion, the birdman was being investigated for allegedly soliciting a child. When detectives working that case discovered the dead bird, they knew Beckman’s goose was cooked.

Beckman was booked on a slew of charges, including drug possession, attempted indecent solicitation of a child and cruelty to animals.

Now this bird lover faces the reality of being caged, hopefully for a very long time.

Pegged for poking a peacock, he would have been safer just choking his own chicken

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