Beyonce Bikini Ad Censored

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There’s no doubt about it, Beyonce’s new ad campaign for H&M is haute, and hot! But, not everyone is a fan of Mrs. Carter’s new look. In fact “B” had started a “modesty war” on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Hyperlocal New York City blog Bowery Boogie discovered that Beyoncé’s sexy H&M bikini ad has been censored at a bus stop on the Lower East Side. The area is heavily populated by a devout, conservative Jewish population.

And each time they cover her up, someone uncovers her. This happens every day.

It’s funny that so much fuss is being made over this ad, when soccer stud David Beckham has a huge billboard sporting some H&M briefs, and not a peep. (Not that I’m complaining either).

So should the ad be taken down?

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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