Ticketmaster explains why tickets sell out so fast

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ticketsHOUSTON, TX – We all have our favorite concert performers and we can’t wait to see them on stage when they come to Houston. So you go online, ready to pounce as soon as those tickets go on sale, only to find out that within seconds, all the seats have been sold out.

Jacqueline Peterson, Ticketmaster’s spokesperson explained, “They are so popular, so in demand that there simply are more fans that want to see them than there are tickets available.”

A frustrating reality for many of Justin Timberlake fans and fans of other popular artists performing around the country.

Yes, tickets are available on secondary websites, but who can afford the prices?

Scalpers are a major problem said Peterson, “What makes the demand greater than supply problem even more painful for fans, is scalpers participate in the opportunity, often they use automated computer programs called bots and often they snag up tickets sometimes before real fans have the opportunity to buy them.”

So fans are sadly left ticketless.

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