Woman changes baby’s diaper at Starbucks, employee calls police

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Woman Changes Baby's Diaper at Starbucks Table, Employee Calls Police

starbucksDENVER, CO – Starbucks; it’s for people on the go, but what do you do when your baby has to go-go? That’s what happened to Ruth Burgos.

She made a coffee-run to a local Denver, Colorado Starbucks. While her and her husband were inside, she noticed her baby’s diaper needed to be changed. She took her 1-year-old to the restroom, but noticed there were no changing tables. So she changed it at the table. But a Starbucks employee noticed what she was doing and tossed her rag and told her to make sure she cleaned it up. Ruth’s husband says they talked to them in a demanding manner, so he threw his coffee on the floor and told them to clean it up. Words got heated and police were called.

Starbucks did some backtracking, saying they apologized to the family and that they want every customer to be treated with dignity and respect.

But experts suggest that if you ever want to avoid a situation where others may feel uncomfortable, to change your baby in a private area if possible.

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