$1 million in jewels stolen at Cannes Film Festival

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cannesCANNES, FRANCE – Forget the movies. The real drama is happening off-screen at the Cannes Film Festival. Like the plot from a Matt Damon flick, a million-dollar jewelry heist has French police scratching their heads.

Police say over a million dollars’ worth of jewels (and the safe it was in) were stolen from a hotel room as the film festival festivities went on nearby.

The victim? The swanky Swiss jewelry firm Chopard, which is also an official sponsor of the festival.

Not sure what the Swiss are missing, since authorities are staying mum. But one person has a lot of explaining to do: the Chopard employee who was staying in the same room as the jewels. She told police that she left to go to dinner for seven hours. When she returned, the jewels were gone (probably like her job at Chopard).

Police are checking out the surveillance tape for clues. Wonder if it’ll win for best crime drama?