Cost of car repairs up 10% in 2012

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carUSA – Just out of curiosity; does Obama-care cover car repairs?

CarMD says the average price of getting your car fixed went up 10% last year to $368.  It rose for the first time in six years, but it’s still below the 2007 average of $422.

“The prices of car repairs go up not only on the part side but on the labor side as well, as we have to buy expensive equipment and software to be able to diagnose, check engine lights and all the computers that are now present in the vehicles,” said Rusk Elatassi, owner of River Oaks Goodyear.

That’s how the story usually begins – you think it’s only a minor issue but the damage adds up.

“Every car is notorious for its own particular problems,’ added Elatassi. ‘But check-engine” lights in general are probably the most common repairs.”

Also according to CarMD, the costliest car repair would be “replacing transmission assembly and reprogramming electronic control module” in some vehicles and models.  So, if you hear that long sentence be ready to pay over $5,400.

We thought technology was meant to make our lives easier, but it looks like in auto land, innovation is digging into our wallets.  So, how much would they charge to fix my horse?