Crazy ants replace fire ants

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Good news! Fire ants may have met their match!

The bad news… the cure is possibly worse than the problem.

Researchers at U.T. Austin say crazy ants are taking over territory once occupied by the dreaded fire ants.

Erin Mills, an Entomologist with the Houston Museum of Natural Science explained, “They can kind of out-compete the fire ants for resources and for space.  You can look at that as a positive but on the other hand it`s not really better to have one rather than the other.”

Crazy ants were discovered in Houston in 2002 and are spreading fast.

They don`t sting like fire ants, but can be a bigger problem in the home.  They seem to like nesting in electrical equipment, which can make for a bad day when our favorite gadgets stop working.

Unfortunately, they`re difficult to get rid of.

Mills said, “They`re not attracted to and not affected by the same kind of pesticides that work on most other ants, and again, they have multiple queens and huge colonies.  They`re really, really very hard to treat.”

The answer?  For right now we don`t have one, other than breading ant eaters which will most likely create a whole new set of problems.