Good samaritans stop man from shooting ex-wife

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A Houston man was not a happy camper Friday morning, but thanks to two good Samaritans there was a happy ending. (Or, at least, not a deadly one.)

It sounds like death was the intent when the guy showed up at the nail shop where ex-wife works in north Houston is.

Witnesses say she saw him coming’ and ran inside and locked the door.

But that didn’t stop the guy’s gun.

He reportedly shot the door and climbed through the glass.

“As he’s dragging her out, he’s confronted on the sidewalk by two good samaritans,” said Woody Mitchell, Asst. Chief for Constable’s Office Precinct 4.

They good samaritans took the guy down and took his gun, but not before one of the good guys got shot in the head.

Cops said he’s going to be O.K.

They can’t say the same for the ex-husband. He was arrested.

As of Friday, cops weren’t sure of the charges yet, but surely a restraining order is in his future.