Houston in top 10 cities for dog bites on mail carriers

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dogHOUSTON, TX – So, it looks like Houston is at the top of just about any list people come up with these days. Now the Bayou City is among the top ten cities where mailmen were victims of dog attacks in 2012.

We don’t know whether to worry or to wag our tails for this one. The United States Postal Service released its annual dog attack list in preparation for the “National Dog Bite Prevention Week” and that’s how you learn there’s a week for everything in our beloved country.

“Last year, over 4.7 million Americans were bit by dogs,’ explained Dionne Montague, Spokesperson of USPS. ‘5,900 of them were postal carriers.”

Los Angeles leads the list with 69 dog-bites – carrier incidents. Off course, with so many crazy celebrities over there, what can you expect from their dogs? San Antonio and Seattle are in second place. And Chicago, third in the list, is the city where dogs will bite you until you end up swimming with the fishes. With 27 incidents each, warm Houston and freezing Minneapolis are tied for 9th place.

“We carry our pouch with us and that gives the dog something to grab at instead of grabbing us,’ said mailman Rodney Lee. ‘And then we have our dog spray. Anything that kind of gets the dog off of you so you can at least get back to the track.”

On a more positive note, with so many dogs chasing them, at least postal employees will have another good reason to get in shape. And that’s how man’s best friend can end up being the mailman’s worst nightmare.