Man dribbling soccer ball hit and killed by car

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soccerLINCOLN CITY, OR – Richard Swanson planned to walk from Seattle, Wash. to Brazil with just a camera and a soccer ball.

After losing his job, he decided now was the time to finally go see the World Cup.

Swanson made it to the Oregon coast. He even made friends along the way.

One of them was Jason Elkins. He said, “It all started with a text message from my wife saying do you think a guy whose walking from Seattle to Brazil can stay at our house? And I questioned it until she said he was dribbling a soccer ball.”

Swanson was raising awareness for a charity that donates soccer balls to less fortunate kids.

He was so excited to reach the beaches in Oregon. But that same morning, he was hit by a pickup truck and killed.

He didn’t reach his destination, but he will no doubt reach many with his story.