Miller time on Capitol Hill

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millerWASHINGTON , DC – Acting, and soon to be former, Internal Revenue Service commissioner Steven Miller, along with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration had to explain to the House Ways and Means Committee how the IRS got away with targeting conservative, tea party, and religious groups applying for tax-exempt status.

To say Miller was on the hot seat is an understatement, particularly when New York congressman Tom Reed ripped into him. ‘As you sit here today you were not fired from your job and I can tell you, in my private experience you would have been fired on the spot.’

Representative Kevin Brady of The Woodlands tried to get Miller to assure the committee and the country that the agency did not share its ill-gotten information with anyone else.

Brady: You can assure us there was absolutely no sharing of this information with any other government agency?

Miller: TIGTA and others will look at that but I would be shocked, Congressman, if that happened, SHOCKED!!

Miller offered up an apology for what he called ‘mistakes’ and for the poor service provided. The affected organizations and the American public deserve better. Partisanship or even the perception of partisanship has no place at the IRS.’

No place for partisanship? Well, that explains how Sarah Hall Ingram went from overseeing the group now under investigation to heading up the Obamacare section of the IRS. Good to know our healthcare future is in good hands.