‘Ninja’ pulls off pill heist in Houston

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ninjaHOUSTON, TX – We’ve all had that kind of night–suddenly the craving just hits you and you got to have it. But in this case, we’re not talking midnight munchies, man.

Someone in Houston had a hankerin’ for some Hydrocodone, and hit up the Walgreens on Woodway at Chimney Rock to get their fix.

You would think they’d be pretty bummed out to find that this particular Walgreens wasn’t open 24/7.

Hmm, now what?!

Well, we’ll tell you what.

This person pulled off a stunt that rivals the plot in one of those Ocean’s movies.

According to HPD, a burglar dressed like a ninja climbed up onto the roof, cut a hole and used a rope to get inside.

The sneaky thief somehow shimmied under the security gate, grabbed a bunch of Hydrocodone pills and climbed back out through the roof.

Police say the entire heist was caught on security camera, but they’re not making that video available just yet.

In the meantime, this cunning codone klepto is probably sleeping hard tonight.