Topless Bea Arthur painting sold for $1.9M

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beaNEW YORK, NY – You probably know her best as the fiery ‘Maude’ or as the snarky ‘Dorthy’ on Golden Girls, but you might not have heard about Bea Arthur’s ‘breast’ role of her life:

She was the subject of this topless painting, aptly titled ‘Bea Arthur Naked’, by John Currin.

The titillating masterpiece sold for a whopping $1.9 million at auction.

We don’t know who shelled out that many clams for her tatas, but we’re sure it’s going right over the living room mantel!

Now, if a nude Golden Girl doesn’t fit your fancy, how about getting some ‘Dustheads’?

No, your five year-old nephew didn’t paint it.

The graffiti art was created by Jean-Michel Basquiat, and it was sold at auction for $48.8 million.

Hard to believe that “Dustheads” sold for almost double the price of a giant gem.

A pear-shaped, colorless diamond sold for a record $27 million.

The 101.73 carat ‘Winston Legacy’ diamond was snatched up by none-other than Harry Winston, and is said to be the most perfect diamond ever offered for sale at auction.

Eat your ‘heart’ out, ‘heart of the ocean’!

Man, don’t you wish you were rich enough to buy all three of these and just dump them in the Atlantic?