Competitive eater downs more than 11lbs of apple pie

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Competitive Eater Downs 11lbs of Apple Pie

appleLINCOLN, CA – Jamie McDonald is a competitive eater, and he recently broke two records.

His latest conquest was some good ol’ apple pie. He didn’t use a spoon or a fork, just his hands as swallowed 11.25lbs of apple pie. In doing so, he broke two records.

“We just decided to do two records, so it’ll be the six minute record. And I’ll just sit and eat until I can’t eat anymore, so it will be the most apple pie eaten by one person,” he said.

According to, there are about 400 calories in just one slice of apple pie. So with the big boy Alex threw back, he took in roughly anywhere from 10 to 15,000 calories.

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