Cosmetic sales prove more men are wearing makeup

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makeupUSA – Men wearing makeup is probably not what the early feminists had in mind when they started campaigning for more gender equality. But somehow our world has changed.

“It’s 2013 and we’re seeing males doing their makeup,’ explained J.T., manager of Lamik Beauty Houston. ‘But we’d prefer to call it grooming.”

Back in the day, when a dude wanted to look good and smell good, he would just take a shower, shave and brush his teeth. That’s about it. As of now, just last year men have spent $5 billion on beauty products.

“Makeup is not just to make you look pretty: it’s also to protect your skin,’ said J.T. ‘They don’t want the world to know their wearing makeup but they want the world to know they have flawless skin.”

Even though actors and rock stars benefit from the use of cosmetics, “Tough men wear makeup” does not sound like an action movie you would want to go see. It seems like the desire to look more attractive, healthier and successful… and not just to cover acne… is dragging some men into previously alien territory.

“I feel kind of good about it,’ said customer Tyrell Billingsley. ‘I feel good about taking care of my skin.”

Moisturizers, concealers, matte powders and bronzers are now becoming part of an increasing number of ordinary males’ bathroom cabinets. To each his own, and we toast to that.

But what will the ladies do when they find out their handsome dates are wearing more makeup than they are?

We’re willing to bet those faces would make for a great Kodak moment!

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