It’s a mad scramble to find toilet paper in Venezuela

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paperCARACAS, VENEZUELA – There’s a problem in Venezuela and it smells, literally.

It seems that when populist leader Hugo Chavez passed away, he took all the toilet paper with him.  Ridiculous as it may sound; citizens of the Caribbean country are currently suffering from a shortage in toilet paper, sugar and other basic needs items.

One can assume these Venezuelan lawmakers are fighting for the last remaining roll of toilet paper; but the tissue issue comes in the wake of the past election, in which acting President Nicolas Maduro defeated opposition leader Henrique Capriles by only 1.5% of the vote, just short of a number two.

Chavez, Maduro and company have instituted price controls and limitations to purchasing dollars, and that could be the main cause behind this mess.

While this is happening, Venezuela is moving towards normalizing diplomatic relations with the U.S. of course.

It’s their oil, stupid!  But isn’t it ironic — the black gold makes the world go round but can’t buy you a piece of toilet paper.

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