Lulz Liberator: The cheaper, stronger 3D printed gun

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lulzMADISON, WI – Do you remember Cody Wilson? He’s got a group in Austin called Defense Distributed and there they’ve been manufacturing plastic guns printed on a high cost 3D printer.

The guy developed blueprints and blasted it everywhere online for your average Joe to go and download. You can see where this is leading already.

After these blueprints found their way to over 100,000 hard drives in a matter of days The State Department demanded that they be removed from the Defense Distributed website.

Well, that’s already old news because like everything after the first release, the newcomers start following up with better cheaper alternatives.

Meet the Lulz Liberator, a handgun made completely out of plastic. It can fire 9 rounds or more and you can make it for a mere $25 dollars. Granted, you have access to the $1,700 printer.

So who’s behind this one?

He’s going only by the name of “Joe” and he’s a Wisconsin engineer. The printer he’s using is about six grand cheaper and the gun itself is more durable than Cody Wilson’s original “Liberator.”

3D printing is getting so much attention for being able to develop these handguns; all while purposeful ideas like 3D printed appendages are taking the backseat.

We all know you can find just about anything on the internet and there will always be copy cats looking for “the next big thing”.

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