Nidal Hasan paid $278K while awaiting trial

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hasanFORT HOOD, TX – Payday is sometimes known as the day the eagle flies. That’s because of the eagle on the back of the dollar bill.

And we like to think that pay day is for people who actually do some work, contributing even a small way to society.

But not always.

Remember Army major Nidal Hasan? He’s been in jail since November 2009, charged with murdering 13 people and wounding 32 others at Fort Hood in Texas.

Well, the Defense Department confirms the Army has paid Hasan more than $278,000 over the past three-and-a-half years and will continue to pay him until a court convicts him.

But the real irony here is that the Army does not treat the shootings as an act of war or an act of terror.

And because the Army sees the shootings as simply workplace violence, the wounded soldiers are not allowed combat pay and combat medical benefits.

Oh, did we mention the army paid to treat the wounds Hasan received when a police officer shot him to stop the killings? Yeah, that, and he continues to draw his major’s salary. And keep his beard.

But all that could change if the trial gets underway this summer as expected.

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