San Francisco restaurant forced to close over bacon smell

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baconSAN FRANCISCO, CA – Pig fat rules! But not in San Francisco.

The folks at Bacon Bacon found their fat in the fire after a ‘nose’y neighbor complained to the city.

For the past year-and-a half, the restaurant has been serving all things bacon, like bacon burgers, grilled cheese and bacon, and the free-range turkey and chicken-fried bacon sandwich.

But a neighbor complained about the smell of fried pig fat wafting through the Ashbury Heights air, which seemed like a strange thing to complain about.

When the city looked into the matter, it discovered the restaurant did not have a permit.

The owners agreed to put in a $35,000 air filter, and the neighbor agreed to drop his complaint, but the restaurant has to close until a city hearing in July.

There’s an online petition for people who like to smell and eat bacon. And several people from the Houston area have added their Lone Star support to keep the joint open.

Meantime, people in Frisco can still get their bacon fix from the Bacon Bacon food truck. Where else but America can you find rolling pig fat, and the people who love it.

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