Soldier comes home to find wife 100 pounds thinner

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soldierWILMINGTON, NC – We’ve all seen soldiers coming home and surprising their loved ones; but it was Army Specialist Larry Shaffer that was surprised when he returned from 1 year in Afghanistan.

“When I saw her at the airport I was in shock,’ says Shaffer. ‘I didn’t know what to expect and when I saw her I was like there’s no way that’s my wife that I left… you know, a year ago.”

It was his wife Misty; just a thinner version, a 100 pounds thinner.

Misty dropped from 254 pounds to 154 pounds by eating smaller portions and healthy food. She explains, “When he was gone I was like, hey I’m gonna try this. Not having him here eating ice cream at night and stuff, I was like I can do this.”

Misty’s buff bod wasn’t the only surprise, Larry had always wanted to own a home so she bought one.

“She kept her weight loss and the house away pretty much away from me, so I know she’s able to face pretty much anything,” says the Army Specialist.

Misty, Larry and their 3-year-old daughter will celebrate his return in their new home sweet home.

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