Yoga school lawsuit goes to trial

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Yoga In School Lawsuit Goes to Trial

yogaENCINITAS, CA – What comes to mind when you think of yoga? Perhaps you think of a mat, a yogi, weird positions and maybe some hardcore body strength. But do you think of religion? A lawsuit in California claims just that; that yoga is too religious to be taught in schools.

Yoga was being taught at the Encinitas Union School District, but some parents weren’t too happy. Now the matter is being heard in court. Some of the students’ parents don’t like the roots of the Ashtanga Yoga that’s taught so they sued. The school denies the yoga has anything to do with religion.

Some parents think the lawsuit is a waste of time.

Both parties involved in the lawsuit agreed to let the judge decide on the issue, so there is no jury. The judge hearing the case will make the final decision.

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