Mom Makes Bully Daughter Wear Ugly Clothes as Punishment

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A Utah mom decided to teach her 10-yr-old stepdaughter a lesson on bullying. When Ally found out that her Kaylee had been bullying a fellow 4th grader about her wardrobe so badly that the girl didn’t want to come to school, she took it upon herself to teach her a lesson. After realizing that talking to her wasn’t enough she marched right down to the local thrift store.

Ally proceeded to pick out $50 worth of clothes that she knew Kaylee would never wear. Then for two days she made her wear the outfits to school. Suddenly, the roles were reversed and Kaylee was bullied over her clothing.

Some experts say that this is the wrong approach to teaching your kids about bullying and that it will only make the child angry.

But, according to Ally that’s not what happened in this instance. Kaylee says she understands what Ally was trying to teach her. About bullying, she now says, “It’s stupid and it’s mean.”

“I think now that she knows what it feels like,” says Ally.

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