Harris County files lawsuit against gang members

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gangsHOUSTON, TX – Bloods, Crips and creeps take notice. Harris county citizens are fighting back.

And they’re taking their troubles to court.

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan and the Brays Oaks Management District are in court this week to get a judge to declare key members of the Bloods, Crips and Most Wanted gangs to be public nuisances.

The lawsuit wants the judge to keep 16 gang members totally away from the three-quarter square mile area known as The Bray’s Oak Safety Zone.

And if cops catch them, they could end up in jail for a year and fined $4,000.

Among the 16 gang members is the guy charged with wounding rapper Trae Tha Truth and killing three people at a concert in June of last year.

Someone killed an eyewitness before he could testify.

In the past two years, the program has shut down three after-hours clubs, placed two convenience stores under a permanent injunction and put the 51 owners of a gang-infested condominium complex under permanent injunction and receivership.

The county and the neighborhoods still have more to do. But sometimes, to clean up the streets, you have to do it one piece of trash at a time.