Houston airports some of the most expensive in U.S.

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travelHOUSTON, TX – Houston airports have made it to the top of some lists where they may not want to be.

The U.S. Department of Transportation ran some numbers, said some magic words, and came up with some charts and graphs that show passengers flying out of Bush Intercontinental paid the third-highest price for domestic round-trip tickets in the country, 501 bucks from October to December of last year.

But, that was a drop of a buck from the same three months in 2011.And a $33 drop from the fourth quarter of 2000.

The feds came up with the numbers by including taxes and non-airline fees to the price of a round-trip domestic ticket.

Hobby airport was way down the list, at the 79 spot, with an average domestic fare of $336.

That was 47 bucks more than in 2000, and the second-highest jump in the nation.

But fear not, Houston; Bush and Hobby combined to take the number one spot in the nation for the average domestic itinerary fare in the fourth quarter of last year, $439 easily beating off the competition from New York to Los Angeles.