Houston gives back to victims in Oklahoma

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papaHOUSTON, TX – It’s usually when you least expect it mother nature decides to show it’s nasty side and rip everything that you’ve built to the ground, leaving you with literally the shirt on your back.

Well now, thanks to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, the folks affected by tornadoes in North Texas and Moore, Oklahoma can look forward to a little something to help make that clean up easier.

“We’re hosting a fundraiser for the tornado victims in Texas and Oklahoma,’ says Red Cross volunteer Phi Mai. ‘We’re doing a carwash, it’s been a little slow, but we’re getting a few people coming in, and some people are just coming by just to donate.”

On a much larger scale, Papa John’s Pizza and its entire franchise is giving back in a big way.

“We saw this to be a wonderful opportunity to get all of our restaurants together, not just here in Houston, but all of the entire country,’ Says Keith Sullins, President Of Houston Papa John’s. ‘For every order that goes through today, in any Papa John’s restaurant – we’re donating a dollar back to the salvation army to try and help the folks up there.”

It’s stuff like this that helps us keep our faith in humanity, seems like lately, you can’t get anyone to come together over anything, let alone fundraising. But if there’s ever a time to pull together,  it’s for disaster relief because we all like to sleep with a roof over our head right?