Celeb Says Kissing is NOT Cheating

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Does kissing count as infidelity? Comedian and actress Mindy Kaling doesn’t think so. In fact she has a modest proposal: couples should be allowed to kiss other people after they’re married.

She wrote about it in a recent New Yorker. She ponders why the joy of kissing someone new has to end when you say I do.

“The fact of the matter is, marriage is a serious business and kissing is not. Kissing in and of itself can’t create offspring or cause life-threatening disease. Just because I want to kiss someone doesn’t mean I want to love that person…”

What do you think? Would you be cool with an extramarital kiss?

It depends on the kiss. If you’re like me and give everyone a friendly kiss as a way of greeting them, that’s not cheating. You’re not doing it with the intent of getting off sexually. But if you’re kissing someone other than your partner and it’s longer than a peck, stop and think why are you really kissing them? Why didn’t you stop? In that moment were you thinking of your partner or their lips on yours. And where did that kiss lead you? Kissing to me is a make or break it deal in a relationship. And if my guy kisses someone else…he can kiss this blonde goodbye!

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