Variety continues to keep sandwich sales up

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sandwichHOUSTON, TX – Pack or buy; that is the question, at least when it comes to sandwiches.

These days the answer for many, it’s buy… buy… buy.

49% of sandwiches eaten in America are purchased, that’s up nearly 5% from 2010.

Diane Lepow of Firehouse Subs explains, “Convenience is a lot of it, and today’s world there are as many working mothers as there are fathers. And if you want something nutritious and delicious and you want to get it done because you’re on the way to a soccer game, or some other meeting, or an appointment, then it’s a great way to get in and out and get a good quality meal at a reasonable price.”

Sandwich shops are able to offer a variety of sandwiches to any individuals taste, so it isn’t just about the boring bologna sandwich on white anymore.

So there you have it; it’s so much easier when someone who knows what they’re doing does it for you.