3D printers are advancing science

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3dWinston-Salem, NC – You’ve probably heard a little about 3D printing? The most recent being people printing guns; but did you know scientists are printing body parts?

Doctors have already used a 3D printed, polymer implant to replace part of a patient’s skull. If you think that’s mind blowing they’re also printing cells. Yes, human cells.

The cells become the ‘ink’ of a 3D printer and can be used to print almost anything.

Dr. Anthony Atala says, “It’s like printing a 50 page document, but each layer is actually a layer of cells instead of a sheet of paper.”

Cornell University used this technology to print an ear. This might make you wonder ‘What’s next?’

“We are still very early in this work of printing organs,” says Dr. Atala.

Need a kidney? No problem doctors can print one made from your own cells. Unfortunately, printed kidneys are still in the experimental stage and won’t be used on people anytime in the near future; but when they are, they’ll be no need for a transplant waiting list.