Couple plan to deliver baby in presence of wild dolphins

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dolphinCHARLOTTE, NC – Move over storks; you’re not the only animal that can deliver the babies!

A North Carolina couple has recently traveled to Hawaii, with plans to deliver their baby during a dolphin-assisted birth.

Heather and Adam Barrington are going to be the proud parents of a beautiful little baby, but the Barrington’s want to share their family experience with flipper. Expecting in July, the happy couple flew to the Aloha State in April, to begin the month’s long preparations, which includes bonding with a pod of wild dolphins.

The Sirius Institute, an organization dedicated to the idea of integrating dolphins into our culture, is helping the parents-to-be with their porpoise plan. The Barrington’s claim a mystical book called “Ancient Secret of the Flower” gave them the bright idea.

These wet nurses won’t really lift a fin during the delivery; but it’s hoped that the dolphins will create a sense of relaxation for Heather as she gives birth surrounded by a gang of the sea mammals.

Unconventional…yes! But at least the Barrington’s won’t be running up huge hospital fees. The way we figure it, bucket of fish should just about cover the cost.