Cy-Ridge High School classroom fight caught on camera

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HOUSTON, TX – Cypress-Ridge High School in the Cy-Fair Independent School District has been getting some social media exposure that school administrators probably don’t want.

A classroom fight caught on video has a parent of one of the students wondering about the safety of all kids in the Cy-Fair ISD.

Eric Green says his daughter was minding her own business when another student came up to her and started beating and kicking her, with the teacher in the classroom during the whole thing.

The cell-phone video lasts about 45 seconds, during which time the teacher hit the panic button, bringing school administrators to the room.

A Cy-Fair ISD spokesperson sent us a written statement that said:

‘On May 28th, two female students engaged in a physical altercation that was captured on video by a fellow student.  The classroom teacher immediately responded to the situation by requesting emergency administrative assistance. The campus administration conducted an investigation and the students involved were disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct.’

But Green is not satisfied with the results, and is even concerned about all students in the school saying, “My concern is Cy-Ridge have no system in place to protect my child while she’s in school. And it’s not just my child. It could be anybody’s child. It could be your child.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Videos like this can speak volumes.


    • sylviah1

      My daughter was recently bullied she a honor student good conduct, was electec for homecoming princess,, girls were trying to jump her and she gets handcuffed ,suspended,@her crown gets taken is their any legal action i can takefor this she goes to cy-ridge too.?

  • Loraine

    The fact that yall blocked that part out when she threw the chair at her. Petty. Girl should of never been bulling the girl in the green, she put up with it all year and she was tired of it.And why lie? News is nothin but a lie. How bout you ask the girl in the green her side of the story. Oh right cause you guys are playin victim right? Like I said Petty.

  • Renee

    Before you can say anything about this school saying it is bad you should do your research its the top school in the district…. So just because of one fight its bad… What about other schools with the teachers having sexual intercourse with the students and throwing parties with them like springbranch ISD…. That is more worse then a fight…..

  • AshleighhHar

    This story is so biased it's ridiculous. That parent's child forgot to tell her parents about the fact that she BULLIED this girl ALL year. This fight didn't start until they got into an argument and the girl said, "You're irrelevant." I guess the other girl finally had enough and went crazy. This wasn't a random act of violence where someone got up and said,"I want to hit this girl because..why not?" It's more like she went into class and was taunted by this girl EVERY day for a whole school year and since school was almost over she thought she had nothing to lose. Cypress Ridge is a safe school. This was the reaction of a person who was fed up. Don't spin the story to make it sound like we have thugs walking around the school. This was a bully who got confronted, a bit aggressively? Yeah, but I can't say she didn't have it coming.

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