John McCain poses for photo with Syrian rebel kidnappers

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mccainTURKEY-SYRIAN BORDER – Senator John McCain’s secret Memorial Day meet-and-greet with Syrian rebel leaders is coming back to bite him.

McCain is the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit Syria during its two-year civil war.

He wants the Obama Administration to step in and provide the rebels with arms and air cover.

But the White House is not sure who to trust in a war where there are no good guys.

And now, even opponents of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad are saying McCain stepped in it big time by meeting with some bad actors.

A Lebanese publication is pointing out a photo of McCain with a group of rebels, and there, standing behind McCain, is a spokesman and photographer for Northern Storm, a group that kidnapped a busload of Lebanese several months ago, and is still holding some of them.

Northern star leader Mohamed Ibrahim says the passengers were working with Palestinian terrorists, but the families say the victims were returning from a pilgrimage.

By the way, Ibrahim is one of the rebels that met with McCain.

The senator’s office claims McCain he didn’t know who some of these guys were, and just agreed to have his picture taken with them. And a McCain spokesman said it would be regrettable if any of them were kidnappers.

Here’s a Lonesome Dove memo to Sen. McCain: don’t ride with outlaws.